Nature Conservancy

“I gained my love for Mother Nature at a young age, and it’s still the experiences that happen only in the outdoors that appeal to me the most.”

Dick Mahan, Habit founder

Nature Conservancy Partnership


To honor what the outdoors has given to us, we take great pride in our support of the Nature Conservancy. It's our job to help improve and maintain what's out there, not only for us, but generations yet to come. In our most recent activity, we took a trip down to the King's River here local to Arkansas to repair the natural Habitat.

Meeting Sam Walton

After graduating from the University of Arkansas with a zoology/wildlife management degree, Dick had planned to work in Alaska, which he fell in love with while working there in the summer during college. Dick's life took a change in course when he met Walmart founder Sam Walton. Mr. Sam convinced Dick to join Walmart management team when the company was a smaller retailer with 14 stores. Dick stayed with Walmart for 22 years, becoming vice president of the Sporting Goods Division and then founding and becoming president of a special division of Walmart named AIDCO, which specialized in Asia sourcing.

Hunting Gear Created from Personal Experiences

From the beginning, Dick always knew he would pursue other business interests with outdoor products being at the top of the list. He opened Mahco Outdoors in 1992 and managed to work in numerous trips and safaris to several countries and continents. Dick used his personal experiences in the field to develop and create a line of hunting apparel. Out of this grew the Habit brand and line of products.  

Dick still gets outdoors whenever he can, spending time hunting, fishing, canoeing, working some, and traveling to find his next outdoor adventure.